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Shred Pro Shredding Services

Shred Pro provides professional, on-site shredding service in Houston and surrounding areas for both businesses and residents. Whether you need shredding in Conroe, Katy or another Houston area, document destruction experts with Shred Pro will ensure your private data is securely destroyed.

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One-Time Office Purge

Shred Pro Services can perform a one-time purge or office clean-out to rid your office of older, outdated documents. Shred Pro can also help you before an office move to get rid of unwanted and outdated documents, saving you the time, energy and costs of moving these documents to your new location, and preventing unnecessary clutter in your new office.


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Over 30 states in the U.S. now have regulations requiring all organizations that have records containing personal information to destroy those documents in a secure manner.


Federal privacy laws, including HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, require total destruction of personal data. Failure to comply can result in huge fines or even put you out of business! In addtion to federal and state laws that mandate document destruction to ensure privacy, consumers are also demanding organizations prevent the unauthorized access or accidental disclosure of any personal information.

Regular Scheduled On-Site Services

Shred Pro provides services to both small and large businesses and corporations. Our bonded and insured Destruction Service Technicians will handle the destruction of your confidential records with diligence and care. Because your documents are shredded on-site, you are able to witness their destruction firsthand. All security containers are emptied into our rolling security carts on your service date. The carts are then taken to our mobile shredding unit and destroyed immediately. A Certificate of Destruction and an invoice will be sent to the address you specify, providing your company with a legal audit trail to show that you are in compliance with all state and federal shredding laws.

Move Out Services

Allow Shred Pro Services to meet your large office move out needs.  Shred Pro will place large rolling bins throughout your office to allow staff members to safely purge old documents prior to an office move.  These services save time and money, by eliminating clutter in the new offices, saving staff time in unpacking, and reduced move costs by saving containers and weight.  Contact us to find out more about our money saving practices.

Convenience and Security

Shred Pro provides free security consoles with our regular services. Shred Pro offers both regularly scheduled pickup times and “on request” times, whichever is most convenient for you. We will perform an initial, one-time “purge”, or office clean-out, in addition to our regular services.

Volume Discounts

Shred Pro offers multiple container and volume discounts for large clients.

Residential Shredding Service

Shred Pro offers Residential Services to allow individuals to protect themselves from Identity Theft. Shred Pro realizes that papers and documents have a way of accumulating over the years. Paper that has been shredded by a consumer-level portable paper shredder can be too easily reconstructed, and is vulnerable to theft while it sits in your garbage can.


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The Shred Pro Truck can come to your residence and securely destroy old documents you just don't want to throw into the trash. Get with your neighbors, your street or invite the entire subdivision to bring their papers and documents and share the costs! Plan a Community Shred Pro Day! Shred Pro Services can be a part of your Community Fund Raising Efforts. Shred Pro Services can also be part of any type of Organization in need of raising money, including schools, churches, neighborhood organizations and sports teams. Individuals can watch as the material is shredded on-site, and enjoy peace of mind that their personal information has been completely destroyed.

To learn more about business or residential shredding service in Houston areas, contact Shred Pro today.

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